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Food Production

Establishment of a global knowledge base of desert rhizosphere microbes and their use in re-establishing sustainable agricultural systems in arid lands.

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About Darwin21

What can we learn from Charles Darwin’s voyage? How did they influence his thinking and his conclusions? This means that for making new ....


Our Motivation

To feed the world, food production has to be increased by about 50 % until the year 2050. On the other hand, although European and ....


Our Approaches

A world-wide network of desert researchers will be established to build the first world heritage stock center for desert microbes....


A global knowledge base of desert rhizosphere microbes

The identification of the rhizosphere microbes that are associated with pioneer plants that live under extreme heat, drought and/or salt conditions could lead to new metabolic pathways and compounds with applications in medicine, chemical engineering and synthetic biology and could result in new strategies to replant desert areas to transform them into sustainable agricultural systems.

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Our Partners

collaborations with groups in Jordan, UAE, Pakistan, Namibia and Argentina.

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Our Expeditions

Exploring the various deserts on the planet and study the plants and microbes that grow there

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Latest News

Using science to feed 3 billion people. Bill Gates visit to our lab at KAUST.

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